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I love the experience of food and how it can make an occasion special, bring back memories, be a catalyst for time with loved ones, comfort, nourish and inspire. Since my days in the kitchen with my mother and sister, to culinary school, to my life today as a Personal Chef, my passion for food and love of feeding others has continued to grow.

I spent the first part of my adult life as most modern women, building a career and being proud of my accomplishments. Then I realized that although I enjoyed a career in retail, life was meant to be lived with passion and purpose. I moved to Austin, Texas and studied at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and began realizing my dream of turning a passion for food into a new career. After graduating at the top of my class and absorbing all the flavors, techniques and cultures, I returned home to continue practicing my passion.

Today, as the Chef & Owner of Jeanna's Personal Chef Service, I am allowed the priviledge of creating beautiful, healthy and delicious meals, tutoring those that share my passion for food and helping my clients create memorable and mouth-watering experiences for their special occasions.

I look forward to sharing my passion and helping you..."Experience the Beauty of Food".
Bon Appetit!
Chef Jeanna
Education:  Degree In Applied Science in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu North America. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.

Member- Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Association

Professional Experience: Various food industry positions prompted me to pursue a degree in the profession that I love the most!

D.B.A. Jeanna's Personal Chef Service is registered by the State of Arkansas
Certified- This certification is given for food safety and handling.

Awarded food manager certification by the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department


Available on Request

Testimonials Below!


January 8, 2008

This letter should serve as a letter of recommendation for Chef Jeanna as a personal chef. 

Chef Jeanna worked as our personal chef for approximately 3 months from October 2007 through December 2007.  We would still be using her services if we were not moving out of state.

My wife and I found that we never seemed to have the time we needed to cook healthy meals for ourselves.  As a result, we were constantly picking up fast food or other less healthy options for our meals and we suffered the consequences.  So, we had Chef Jeanna prepare meals according to certain dietary restrictions and she exceeded our expectations.  I cannot tell you how pleasant it was to come home each and every night and have a tasteful, healthy, well prepared meal waiting for us.  She even did wine pairing for us!  All we had to do was heat up the items and enjoy a relaxing and stress free meal.

Working with Chef Jeanna was easy and enjoyable.  Each week she prepared a lunch and dinner meal plan.  We would review it and make changes as needed.  She would then purchase the food items she needed for the week, while taking into consideration any items that remained in the pantry or carried over from the previous week.  Then on the following day she would bring the grocery items and anything else she needed to prepare the meals to our house and bring it all together leaving us with fully cooked meals, side dishes, salads, and even some deserts if they were in the plan.  Items were left and covered in appropriate containers that could be used for storage or re-heating as appropriate.

The food was delicious and she always cleaned up completely.  The only way you could tell that she had been in the house that day was by the lovely smell of home cooked food and the fully stocked refrigerator / freezer.

My wife and I would highly recommend Chef Jeanna as a personal chef.  Not only were her services easy to fit into our life style, but we found that our lives became less stress full and more healthy.  In fact if we could and she was willing we would pack her up and move her along with us!


Keith and Anna Carlson

Fayetteville, AR

Febuary 13, 2012

Chef Jeanna has made a very positive impact in our families quality of life. She sat down with us and discussed our needs and wants in creating the perfect dinners for our family. Chef Jeanna takes great care in remembering the ingredients we love and the ones we are not so fond of! She is a wonderful chef providing us with meals that are delicious and creative, along with being healthy. Chef Jeanna is incredibly flexible and does everything she can to make our lives easier so that we may use our time outside the kitchen to focus on the things we want. We would highly recommend Chef Jeanna!

Edward and Jennifer Prewitt
Fayetteville, Ar.

Febuary 14, 2012

Thank you so much for a great night! The food was wonderful and we enjoyed meeting you! Please except this gratuity and know that we will definately be using your services again in the near future!

Mark and Courtney Vaughn
Fayetteville, Ar.



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